Volunteers We Thank:

Volunteers are what makes trials happen and they also have made it possible for ASDA to grow.

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Thank you to the following who have made ASDA possible and helped us grow!

My husband, Bo, who has rehabed, built, painted, lugged and stored equipment and generally has supported ASDA getting off the ground.

Donni & Randy Breadon; not only were our first judges but they loaned us their equipment for the first three years. They traveled from IL with their TDAA equipment so we could have trials. They also helped our secretary get started and learn how to use the TDAA spreadsheets. They held our hands and helped us from the concept to the trials throughout our first three years. 

Diane and Rick Barlau; have helped pick games and have served as sounding boards to our ideas. Diane used her Microsoft Office talents to create the template for our premiums and she corrects my typing and spelling errors. Rick has been our course builder and general eyes to see that things go as they should.

Kelly McFaul-Solem; has been our trial secretary and been very patient as people change entries and added dogs. She manages to do the job and still run her dogs. She has also been there with TACh bars and prizes when needed.

Diane and Jim Craig at Arrowhead Dog Training Academy; They have made it possible for us to rent their facility for winter trials and Jim has made our teeter and has coated our A-Frame. They also sold us some of their old equipment that we were able to rehab for TDAA specs.

The numerous trial volunteers; who have built courses, set bars, run leashes, scored, timed, endured a club’s beginning growing pains, run their dogs and have been cheerful and up-beat. Not only could there not be a trial without you, there would be no reason to have trials without you.

Our dogs, Emma, Lilly, Winnie and Jossie who have to endure running with someone who’s attention is in at least two places during a trial – and all of the other wonderful small dogs who come to our trials. Without you, it would look pretty silly seeing a bunch of people run around a field of agility equipment by themselves. The game is a partnership and you are the partner.

Agility only happens with volunteers and a small venue for small dogs needs the same number of volunteers as big dog venues do, we just do it with fewer people doing more.

We do have a yahoogroup – arrowheadsmalldogagility and a FaceBook group – the link is on the side column. You are welcome to join either or both.

Contact us: yorkiegirls@frontiernet.net



  1. I’m jelous I want a web site. One day…
    Hope thing goes well with your next trial and I sure would like to go But it takes that green stuff that I don’t have. BUT I’ll get to see you in October in WI.

    • It’s easy Donni. I can help you get a site up. We will miss you in August. But I will see you at your trial in Sept when I am judging.

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