ASDA Trials and Events

2015 Trials on Calendar!

Plan ahead for our 20145Trials. At times housing is difficult and/or expensive in out area. Our Oct trial has been changed to one week later than in the past. This means that it avoids the MEA weekend so housing will not be as difficult.

Our next trial will be our outdoor August trial: Aug  22 – 23 ,  2015, with Anne-Marie Vossler as judge. It will be at the Knife River Community Center. Details to follow.

October Trial is Oct  24 – 25 ,  2015  with Sadie Libal judging. Details to follow

We do have a yahoogroup – arrowheadsmalldogagility and a FaceBook group – the link is on the side column. You are welcome to join either or both.

Contact us: yorkiegirls@frontiernet.net



  1. Hey, was looking for premiums, but could not figure out how to pull any up? I also noticed you missed Kerouac’s Tach 2. Still hoping for a bar to have people sign. =-) Ann

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