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Welcome to the new web page for Arrowhead Small Dog Agility. We are located in Knife River MN and are organized to host activities for small dogs – those 17″ and under. We currently host 3 TDAA trials a year. The photos above are from 2010 August trial. 
Photos from 2011 August trial were taken by Jeff Alseth and can be found on http://reflectionsmn.smugmug.com/Agility/Knife-River-Teacup-Agility/18841790_rXTLMj#1460087084_sHDj8bT

We do have a yahoogroup – arrowheadsmalldogagility and a FaceBook group – the link is on the side column. You are welcome to join either or both.

Contact us: yorkiegirls@frontiernet.net


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