About Us!

Arrowhead Small Dog Agility has it’s home in Knife River, MN. Our goal is to provide activities for the small dog – those 20″ and under. In years 2010 and  2011, our goal has been to host 3 TeaCup Dog Agility Assoc. trials a year. We have also hosted a seminar in 2010 and we hosted a Club Building Event consisting of a Working Trial/Seminar this year presented by TDAA’s founder and President, Bud Houston.  In 2012 we plan on hosting three trials, a Club Builder and at least one Serial Trial.

We now have all of our own TDAA equipment a big accomplishment for a small group. Our Summer trials are outside at the Knife River Recreation Center’s sport field. Our colder season trials are at the Arrowhead Dog Training Academy in Duluth, MN.

As we learn to work with this new website, we will add trial premiums, maps and additional information. We do have a yahoogroup – arrowheadsmalldogagility and a FaceBook group – the link is on the side column. You are welcome to join either or both.

Contact us: yorkiegirls@frontiernet.net


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